Collective nouns for objects & things

Below is a list of commonly used collective nouns for objects, fruits, plants and other miscellaneous things.

Some of these collective nouns are very old, dating back to medieval times, while others are fairly new. Not many people use a ‘moan’ of lamantations anymore, but a ‘cluster’ of computers has never been more relevant.

If you know of any other collective nouns that should be added to this list, use the comments box and the bottom of this page.

Item Collective Nouns
Aircraft Flight, Wing
Angels Choir, Chorus,Flight, Host, Pinhead
Apples Bushel
Arrows Quiver
Artillery Battery
Asteroids Belt
Bananas Bunch, Comb
Beans Hill
Bells Peal, Change, Carillons
Bills/Notes Wad
Books Library
Bread Batch
Canyons Maze
Cars Fleet, Mayhem, Stack
Cards Deck, Hand, Pack
Chairs Fold
Cigarettes Packet
Circuits Bank
Clothes Suit
Clouds Soufflé
Coins Roll, Roleau
Computers Cluster, Network (when linked)
Condiments Accompaniment
Corn Sheaf, Shock (pile of stalks)
Cymbals Sign
Diamond Cluster
Dice Luck
Dictionaries Meaning
Documents Dossier, Wealth
Dominoes Falling
Drinks Round
Drugs Cocktail
Drums Kettle
Dung Pile
Eggs Clutch
Errands Hassle
Estimations Bout
Flowers Bunch, Bouquet
Footsteps Patter
Furniture Suite
Gears Rack
Ghosts Fright
Gloves Elicat
Gods Pantheon
Grass Tuft
Grapes Bunch
Grits Mess
Gunships Hailstorm
Hair Lock, Tuz, Wig
Hammers Morning
Harps Twangle
Helicopters Hover
Hills Undulation
Icebergs Crush, Drift
Impediments Vagary
Information Wealth
Islands Archipelago, Chain, Group
Jewels Cache
Keys Ring
Knots Cluster, Medusa
Lamentations Moan
Lavatories Flush
Laws (bad) Strangle
Leaves Autumn
Lines Pencil
Locks (on a canal) Flight
Lorries Convoy, Fleet
Machine guns Nest
Maps Atlas
Money Cache, Roll, Rouleau, Wad
Monitors Bank
Mountains Range

Nouns Collective, Propriety
Objects Collection
Orchids Coterie
Ovoids Metamorphosis
Palindromes Tenet
Paper Pad, Ream
Particulars Bill
Pearls Rope, String
Peas Pods
Pistols Brace (two pistols)
Planes Stack
Pleasure Glut, Guilt
Poems Anthology
Pottage Mess
Puddles Splash
Puns Groan
Reasons Rainbow
Rebuttals Quiver
Reeds Clump
Ribs Rack
Riches Embarrassment
Rubbish Heap, Pile
Salt Lot
Satellites Constellation
Second thoughts Clutch
Shells Midden
Ships Armada, Fleet, Flotilla
Shoelaces Knot
Shoes Pair, Scandal
Silk Screens Pull
Similes Superfluity
Smelt Quantity
Software Crash
Spatulas Beautification
Sphincters Clench
Stairs Flight
Stamps Collection
Stars Cluster, Constellation, Galaxy, Wonder
Steps Flight
Sticks Fagot
Sub-atomic particles Minuscule
Submarines Pack, Wolfpack
Suitcases Pack
Tanks Clank, Clatter
Tarts Jam
Tasks Agenda
Teddy bears Hug
Tests Battery
Things Bunch, Cluster
Tomorrows Promise
Tongues Convention, Jagger
Toys Assembly
Tranquilizers Equanimity
Trash Heap, Pile
Trees Clump, Coupe, Forest, Grove, Stand, Stillness, Thicket, Wood
Tools Kit, Set
Trucks Convoy
Trumpets Flourish
Truths Pity
Tubas Tumult
Turds Steam
Twitches Embarrassment
Umbrellas Phalanx
Wagers Book
Weed Stash
Wheat Sheaf
Willows Bed
Windmills Tilt
Winnings Purse
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    121 thoughts on “Collective nouns for objects & things

    1. Wow! I couldn’t search some of the collective nouns for my home work and when I went here all of the collective nouns were here! Thank you for putting this )

    2. Wow! I couldn’t search some of the collective nouns for my home work and when I went here all of the collective nouns were here! Thank you for putting this!!

    3. I’ve searched for a collective noun for a group of (bi)cyclists, but found none. While on a ride today, the subject of collective nouns came up, and my friend and I were noodling the idea of creating one for cyclists. While peloton/field/pack/bunch are terms used in road-racing to identify, or refer to, the functionally-necessary close packing of such cyclists during a race, there doesn’t appear to be a collective noun for cyclists of the more ordinary kind (e.g. commuters, people who have chosen the bicycle as their principle means of transport, etc.). I suggest, therefore, “an index of (bi)cyclists)”.

    4. What is collective noun for a s_a_k hay ? My school holidays almost finish and I need to do my hw faster !

    5. this isn’t telling me collective noun for geese and many more .I wann’a it for my summer vacaation homewark. please tell me that

    6. What’s the collective noun for wool, people, strawberries, weather, tunes, nerves, treatment, hair, clothes, notes, imprisonment, poultry, wine, directors and thanks, I need it for hw and I’m in year 5.

    7. Collective noun for a group of ‘surveyors’, we believe ‘rabble’ works quite well – don’t know if there is actually a term for one?

    8. My homework is to find the most unusual collective noun but I looked for it like for a hour but I just found 3…
      But after finding this I got 30 really good unusual collective noun.

    9. a chest of drawers
      a litter or piddle of puppies
      a sting, row, rope or pile of beads

    10. collective noun for sausage rolls or foreign students?

      an abuse of sausage rolls? an annoyance of foreign students?

    11. It’s good but can I get the collective noun of cotton,chicks,china,actors,squadron,insects,a peal of________,a bench of _______,a batch of_______,a troupe of____________,a clutch of __________.please

    12. This is awesome! Very helpful I am grade 6 and we are studying collective nouns and my teacher told us we will have a game about collective nouns for plus points in our mastery test. This is very helpful for this situation and for my homework load. I hope my group wins the game. Thankyou!

    13. a what of sunny side up eggs, a what of sausages, a what of tomatoes, A what of potatoes, a what of mushrooms, a what of beans, a what of bean sprout, a what of cucumbers, a what of hash browns, a what of ham, a what of brocolli, cauliflower, avocadoes and Kale.

    14. Just a note that orchard itself ought to be a collective noun for trees, specifically fruit bearing trees, So any collective noun for orchards is like a collection of collections.

      Also, I came across this page looking for the official collective noun for batteries, still none the wiser but I’ve learned some things.. my vote would be for a battery of batteries or a pack

    15. A Murder of Crows
      A staff of Teachers
      A pod of Whales
      A swarm of Bees
      A company of Actors
      Hope this was a bit helpful

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