Examples of collective nouns

A collective noun is a term we use to call groups so that we can refer to them as a single unit. For example, pack or gang are collective nouns. However, certain grouping are given some more interesting and often amusing names. Below are some example of a collective noun:

  • A herd of cattle
  • A troupe of dancers

These collective nouns are not derived from any formal rules. Instead, they have developed over hundreds of years from terms that have captured peoples imagination, with the most successful terms being added to everyday language.

Many of the collective nouns center on groupings of people, such as profession or family roles.  For example:

  • A team of a athletes
  • A staff of employees
  • A cruft of hackers

For more examples, see the list of common nouns for people.

Groups of animals are another popular subject for collective nouns. Some examples are given below:

  •  A sloth of beavers
  • A business of ferrets
  • A crash of rhinoceroses

See more examples of animals collective nouns .

Collective nouns can also apply to objects and other things. For example:

  • A bunch of bananas
  • A network of computers
  • A hailstorm of gunships

See more examples of these miscellaneous collective nouns.

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    30 thoughts on “Examples of collective nouns

    1. I would like to know the collective noun for wolves,bees,ants,trees,grapes,musician,fish,monkeys and furniture

    2. what is the collective noun in the sentence :-

      Indians are a hard working race.


      And is the following sentence correct :-

      My mother-in law is very smart.

    3. i need a some examples of collective nouns but i didn’t see some examples plss…………. help me to find more examples………………………………………………………..?????

    4. what is the collective noun of -A ” of astroids. Please give the collective noun. 😀

    5. What’s the collective noun of the followings: a………. of ants; a……..of ships;a……..of fish;a……of lions;a……of newborn kittens

    6. P.O.C.(Point of correction). It is a host of angels,a fleet of cars,a army of ants,a litter of kittens, a pride of lion, a hive of bees, a wad of papers, a band of musicians, a forest of trees , a school of fish, a swamp of locusts, atroupe of dancers, a bale of plants, a posse of policemen, a troop of batallion, a gang of pickpockets, a pool of blood, a heap of rubbish, a library or ton of books, a network of computers, a panel of experts, a school of scholars, &students, a crate of minerals, e.t.c.

    7. Please fill the blank.
      Add a c – – v – of garlic to the dhal curry. (a Collective noun)

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